ORG 7500 Completed Class (WK 2 to WK 6)

ORG 7500 Completed Class (WK 2 to WK 6)



DQ 1: Affirmative Action

DQ 2: Employee and Employer Rights

Assignment: Historical Context Paper

Write a 2-3 page paper, in which you analyze one aspect of the history and evolution of thought, public policy and employment law related to diversity. An example might be the significant features of Civil Rights Act,….


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DQ 1: Employee Resource Groups

DQ 2: Expanding Definitions

Assignment: Article Review: Workplace Diversity

Select two recent articles from ProQuest that focus on the impact of cultural diversity on business and that deal with comparable or similar themes. (You may use the recommended articles.) Prepare a 3-4 page comparative article review….


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DQ 1: Style Adaptation

DQ 2: It Was Just a Joke

Assignment: Scenario Analysis

Write a 3-4 page analysis where you (1) Choose one of the simple scenarios listed below (a-d) or create your own scenario. (2) Identify the key problems or issues....


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DQ 1: Workplace Diversity: Gender and Sexual Orientation

DQ 2: Managing Differences

Assignment: Evaluation: Socio-Cultural Landscape

Select a specific socio-cultural group that we have reviewed in this class. Consider and articulate their understanding of gender and sexual orientation. Then, select a specific law or administrative regulation that is practiced.....


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DQ 1: Ethical Dilemma

DQ 2: Competitive Advantage

Assignment: Final Summative Assessment: Lessons from the Top 50

Using the “Top 50 Best Companies” list from, select a company or organization for your project. In this scenario, you have been given a directive by this company to analyze the company’s internal work environment for challenges and opportunities related to diversity and/or equal employment opportunities…..


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ORG 7500 Completed Class (WK 2 to WK 6)

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