ENG 112 Module 2 - Literary Analysis

ENG 112 Module 2 - Literary Analysis



A literary analysis explores a work of fiction, offering in-sight and interpretation to the work.

A literary analysis is not merely one’s reaction to a reading of fictional literature; it is an objective argument (written with third person pronouns) that uses a primary text to provide evidence.

The work of fiction itself is considered a primary text, and the external research sources are considered secondary sources. A literary analysis often uses secondary research to strengthen its argument.

Critical thinking is a key element to literary analysis, and reading fictional texts closely employ skills needed across the disciplines, from comprehension to use of language to better observation skills. These critical reading strategies will be useful as one undertakes new courses.

Through literary analysis, once can better connect with a culture, an event, and the overall human experience.

Fictional works cover broad themes, and they include nearly all disciplines, from religion to psychology to history.


For this assignment you will analyze ONE fictional work listed under your course theme. ........


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ENG 112 Module 2 - Literary Analysis

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